Change Log

* 2.0.2
** Added visual match history to find old matches
** Removed the manual zoom and select mode.
** Removed some debug spam

* 2.0.0
** Added Hour of Devastation support
** All images are now source from
** Cardpool filtering has been removed to reduce confusion
** Tooltip frame is now draggable
** Rewrote the image hashing to now use a 4x4 grid of 8x8 median hashes since it seems to handle sleeve glare better.

* 1.6.0
** Added Amonketh and Invocations support
** Added match visual feedback
** Added autohide time option
** Removed MTGO/Paper setting - handled automatically
** Decluttered interface
** Added CardSpotter logo to tooltop (optional)

* 1.5.8
** Added new default filter - Constructed. Better catch-all than unfiltered.

* 1.5.7
** Plugged image hash memory leak.

* 1.5.5
** More consistent Paper/Live - Format detection.

* 1.5.4
** Links are now on a single line (still individually hideable).
** Alpha set for debug area colors.

* 1.5.2
** More error feedback.
** Lots of new user options.
** Fixed an automatic tooltip crashbug if resolution was changed mid stream.

* 1.5.1
** Automatic tooltips - experimental option (enabled by default)
** Lots of configurations added - for example tooltip size

* 1.4.1
** Fixed a bug with played cards for Vintage (Wanted to watch Super League)

* 1.4.0
** Complete rewrite of edge detection and filter - it should now be better at "easy" matches at the cost of missing a few harder ones.
** Added support for a ton of promo cards (gameday, player rewards, media promo...)
** Added feedback option (and uninstall feedback)
** Separated Legacy/Vintage card pool settings
** Standard no longer uses cards from the last year, it uses all cards after KTK
** Fixed a bug here color filter could no longer be used after stepping through match list
** Update manifest wording to hopefully make it possible to find CardSpotter in the chrome web store.

* 1.3.0
** Added new cardpool type: Decklists
** Added a permanent color filter option
** Made it possible to add server side settings based on video title

* 1.2.8
** Added glare reduction.
** Added color refine option to results.
** Adjusted scoring system.
** Added large tween in for menu so that you can't miss it.
** Fixed search timeout.
** Added KLD/AER as its own format.
** Added prerelease/draft/sealed detection.

* 1.2.7
** Quick panic release to support different meta tags used for Pro Tour Aether Revolt twitch stream.

* 1.2.6
** More automatic settings detection
** Use feature detection for counter cards
** TCGPlayer integration
** Updated Cardhoarder integration for Aether Revolt

* 1.2.2
** Unfiltered is the new default
** Prettified overlay menu

* 1.2.1
** Added 23 missing cards from Aether Revolt (oups)
** Added even more card overlap support
** Added blacklist/whitelist
** Moved settings to little thing in the overlay

* 1.2
** Tokens! Lots of tokens added
** New format filtering based on MTGDecks added, filters out cards that have not been played in formats over the last 180days.

* 1.1.5
** 2-4times faster!
** Downsample 1080p
** Region based detection

* 1.1.3
** instead of individually adding api integration urls. Also avoids some tab communications issues.

* 1.1.1
** Fixed mouse coordinate issues with twitch video scaling.

* 1.1
** Aether Revolt support added!
** Basic lands are back on the table (with a slight penalty)

* 1.0.0 (still waiting for AER mtgjson)
** Fixed a bug where the native client would crash on a 0/0 image.
** Fixed a bug where autograbbed screens would end up in the wrong bgr/rgb order.
** Added format standard/modern/vintage option
** Continously update canvas size so that twitch works better
** Added threading (6 by default)
** Discard basic lands from db
** Cardhoarder TIX support

** Fixed memory leaks (and hopefully all crashes)
** Updated to a somewhat final css for links
** Added docking options

Testers have expressed frustration with crashes - attempting automatic reload on module crash. Will push new versions with minor fixes more frequently from now on.

After several rounds of user testing, a proper click-mode has been added. Feel a lot less flaky than automatic tooltips.

Proper manual selection mode added that supports rotation.

First version on Chrome Webstore! (private)

Manual selection mode for Magic Chrome Extension works, all Hearthstone data removed. End-user clutter removed from MFC applications which is now only used for testing.

Forked CardSpotterHS

After several minor updates, dissatisfactory Chrome Extension work (not responsive enough), CardSpotterHS will be mothballed. Last version is
After a short reddit/magicTCG discussion where little interest was shown since "everyone knows the cards anyway" I put the Magic version aside for a while as well.

CardSpotterHS public pre-release, positive video and tutorial feedback - noone actually used the software. Chrome Extension suggested as more accessible.

Switched focus to HearthStone instead, hoping it would be a simpler problem.

Prototype moved to C++

Initial commit - opencv python prototyping

Lapsed Magic players find eachother at a birthday party and end up discussing how hard it is to watch Magic when you are no longer familiar with the formats.