This sections is currently a little thin, if you feel something is missing please let me know

How it works

CardSpotter works by grabbing data from HTML5 video, extracting the clicked card using OpenCV and then finding the best match from a database using image hashing, feature detection and statistics from MTGDecks.


If you have CardSpotter installed the following examples should all work. In addition to that some of the streams have difficult light conditions at times which makes matching harder. But the end goal is to have all of it working instantly and flawlessly ofc.

About CardSpotter:

CardSpotter was sparked May 30th 2015 when some lapsed Magic players found each other at a birthday party and ended up complaining about how hard it is to follow streams when you don't know the format. The project took a detour as a Windows Hearthstone app in 2016 which failed to gain any traction. (put to rest here) After that it was on a really slow burn until Adaptive_Automaton released Ocular Automaton which rekindled my flame. After a lot more work than anticipated I finally worked up the courage to release it for Pro Tour Aether Revolt.


It only says "No HTML5 Video found" how do I make it work?

For CardSpotter to work Twitch/YouTube needs to be using HTML5 video.
How to enable Twitch HTML5 player
How to enable YouTube HTML5 player

Why doesn't it work?

- That is my fault. When CardSpotter fails to recognize a card it is usually the result of several factors. If you send me ( a video link with the time and what card you clicked I can hopefully figure it out and have it fixed. Or add another difficult problem to the backlog :)

How do I stop the video stream from flickering?

- There have been 2 reported cases where NVidia cards and Chrome hardware acceleration did not work well together. Both have could be resolved by turning hardware acceleration off in Chrome Advanced settings.